Providing solutions to hospitality, foodservice, retail and healthcare organisations

Who We Are

29 years of corporate procurement delivering direct and indirect services for hospitality, retail, leisure, foodservice & healthcare organisations. We procure and negotiate everything for individual outlets or national chains/groups.

What We Do

We source, benchmark, negotiate all contracts and we can maintain or review your eProcurement system, pre-audit new acquisitions / complete asset tagging for disposal projects, finish projects or tenders & discover new opportunities. 

Where, When, How

We are an extension to an organisation head office functioning either remotely or based in any location across the UK (24/7) dealing with day to day supply chain issues. We can also physically be part of your head office (on site).

Does your procurement function need an MOT?

As with any first engagement, we will conduct a complete analysis of your business accounts payables over the last 3 years (or more if data is available) and from this, we will report to you and will be able to refine or reset your procurement strategy, identifying potential cost savings even if your business is not fully trading at the moment. 

Rebuild your procurement function?

We can help create or restructure your purchasing office especially if it has been closed or paused in recent years. It is important to at least establish some short or medium term plans - simply reacting to daily supply chain issues or trying to mitigate cost pressures will not help plan for the future. We will listen and set goals & be led by you.


Company Reg:   12894315 
VAT No:            367104308