About us

The Procurement Directive was formed at the end of 2020 to offer support to any organisation which was seeking advice on its future procurement strategy. We help existing teams by bringing fresh outlooks and ideas and we can also fully take control of your procurement department. Procurement has always been one of a few functions in a business which returns its own level of investment and we will do it many times over.

How We Work

We effectively operate as an extension to a central support function, a head office or a back office - whether temporary or longer term. We provide procurement support to either an existing centralised purchasing department or offer advice (and recommendations if desired) to Board and senior management teams on future procurement strategy. The Procurement Directive can operate daily from a client's site or work remotely.

Our Values

The Procurement Directive works on five principals. We are:
  1. Neutral and not affiliated to any organisation    
  2. Professional, courteous & respectful in what we do 
  3. Positive trying to sustain high levels of service   
  4. Helpful so our customers can achieve business goals
  5. Satisfy customers with continual improvements

Our Skills

Developed after years of working for many corporate businesses, we can assist with:
  • Procurement Consultancy
  • Replenishment Buying / Purchase Order Management
  • Inhouse or Outsourced Purchasing & Procurement
  • Managed or Franchised Supply Chain Management
  • Our 'Experiences' have been gained by working directly or indirectly with the below organisations:

About us

Company Reg:   12894315
VAT No:          367104308