The Procurement Directive offers the below 'Products' which have been successfully executed many times:
  • Accounts Payable Remap*
  • Daily Outsourced General Procurement
  • Supplier Vetting
  • Annual Waste Packaging Submission
  • eProcurement Administration
  • Environmental Purchasing Strategy
* includes a procurement function build from ground upwards

The Products

Forward Projecting Accounts Payable Remap

  • A full review and remap of all accounts payables, a supplier contracts amnesty and a forward projecting database build
  • 3 year+ historical overview by business unit, departmental grouping & supplier categorisation showing where money is being spent
  • Identify areas for supply consolidation, tender and where there could be immediate cost saving opportunities

Daily Outsourced General Procurement

  • Conduct any supplier negotiations, resolve supplier disputes, quality complaints & supply chain issues
  • Source new products and services as required
  • Manage stock of any bespoke product lines keeping stock values to a minimum
  • Prepare, issue and analyse RFPs and tenders, presenting each outcome in a detailed report
  • Update, enhance and complete any trading agreements and contracts
  • Forecast end of year rebates, update and report the rebate forecast each month
  • Ensure rebate billing is always up to date by resolving aged rebate debt
  • Update and maintain asset lists (leased, rented and owned equipment)
  • Hold periodic review meetings with suppliers to review performance service levels

Supplier Vetting

All new suppliers presented to The Procurement Directive will be researched, mapped, credit checked (where applicable) and supplier accreditation due diligence checks will be carried out before presenting for final Company approval. Supplier credit applications will be completed and returned and any credit insurance queries raised by suppliers will be resolved.

Annual Waste Packaging Submission

Compile, calculate and file the annual submission to the Company’s chosen broker; the report is normally posted at the end of each January.

eProcurement Administration

  • With Company approval, process new price uploads by producing cost analysis with all relevant Company colleagues informed*
  • Maintain food and beverage calorie, nutritional and allergen information and implement display systems for end customers
  • Provide the Company with analytic reports to support business decisions concerning supplier tenders and contracts
  • Resolve user queries such as product searches, releasing any hung orders pending approval, holiday cover issues etc.
  • Ensure buying lists are controlled and functioning correctly and can be accessed by all appropriate users
  • Conduct periodic system health checks such as keeping user profiles and all settings up to date
  • Organise and complete the set up of any new suppliers and products on the system as required
  • Perform ongoing system housekeeping tasks (eg. removing users, obsolete products, 'role' access permissions etc.)
*We have a free Recipe Tool which calculates calories, nutritional information and allergen content by recipe (batch recipes, by 100g or even individual meals) and we can also manage this too on an ongoing basis. Please note, we are not an eProcurement provider. We will adopt your chosen system and we can also tender for potential providers. 

Environmental Purchasing Strategy

Help and advice on all initiatives which will help towards achieving Gold Membership with the Green Tourism Board covering procurement activities such as cleaning chemicals, locally sourced products, waste management and all things procurement related.

The above is not limiting as we can perform most procurement activities and adapt where applicable.

Our Pledge

  1. A fluid sign off process will be agreed before each task is executed. 
  2. All work will be conducted in a professional and ethical way at all times and in line with your company’s procedures.
  3. All products and services sourced by The Procurement Directive will support your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policies. 
  4. The Procurement Directive will ensure that those suppliers it engages with will be compliant with the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010 and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and any new legislative requirements will also be covered as agreed.
  5. In respect of food and beverage suppliers, all efforts will be made to ensure that appropriate industry recognised certificates of accreditation are up to date (BRC, STS and SALSA being the minimum acceptable standards).